Welcome to the website of the Translational Data Science (TDS) LAB, headed by Prof. dr. Marco Spruit, previously known as the Applied Data Science (ADS) LAB.

Within the broad spectrum of Data Science, the discipline of Translational Data Science encompasses the fields of Applied Data Science and Self-Service Data Science to translate new algorithms to novel applications and introduce new insights from these novel applications into daily practices, respectively. This is analogous to the well-known domain of Translational Medicine, where T1 refers to bench-to-bedside research, and T2 refers to clinial trials in daily practices. Our work, therefore, spans the entire knowledge discovery process. The overarching research objective is to establish an authoritative national infrastructure for Dutch Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to facilitate and popularise Self-Service Data Science. We focus in particular on the Population Health and Wellbeing domain (more). Projects include:

TDS lab members